April 18, 2024

Dakar 2018: Trevor Wilson Readies Himself For Dakar 2019

Trevor Wilson in Peru
Trevor Wilson has spent the last week in Peru observing the Dakar.

Trevor Wilson is a man on a mission – to be at the Dakar in 2019.

Already an accomplished off road racer, he has spent the last week in Peru beside fellow Aussie Scott Britnell observing just what it takes to compete in the world’s toughest motorsport event.

He’s even been refining his media talents, landing some prime time international TV exposure with an interview on Dakar organiser ASO’s official Dakar coverage!

Trevor set the record for crossing the Simpson desert twice in a day after setting off from Birdsville at 4am one morning with Scott Britnell.

Unfortunately, Scott crashed and when Trevor came across him in the desert, Scott’s instructions were to keep going. Trevor then took the record after an epic 23 hour and 38 minute ride!

As part of his qualification process, Trevor also competed in the 2017 Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, taking a 10th place in stage 3 and finishing a very credible 13th in his first international rally.

Trevor Wilson (right) and fellow Australian Lee Stephens (left) with Honda Team riders Kevin Benavides and Paulo Gonçalves.

In the true sprit of the Dakar, Trevor linked up with some other future Dakar competitors while in Peru – a bunch of fun loving South Africans!

He related this story …

“Thanks for the epic Peru dakar adventure lads!!!”

“My nickname for the trip by the South Africans was ‘skippy’. They thought my phone would just be full of pictures of sheep standing in green fields. We spent the trip 90% laughing 10% fearing for our lives on Peru roads. We drove this Hilux up some ridiculously steep dunes, mountains and soft sand. And became masters of car seat rotations to give everyone turns at enjoying front seat legroom.”

“Trip wouldn’t of been the same without you lads!!! Come to Aus soon!”

Trevor is now on his way back to Australia and plans to move to Newcastle to be closer to the sand dunes of Stockton Beach where he can continue his training for next year.

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