May 19, 2024

Indian Releases Special Edition Wall Of Death Scout

2017 Indian Scout Custom Wall of Death
2017 Indian Scout Custom Wall of Death, created by Johnny Gee of Antique Motorcycles in Melbourne.

When the first vertical walled silodromes appeared in America in 1915, the first generation 37in3 Indian Scouts were the ride of choice for daredevils.

Large crowds came to see these death defying acts at carnivals and fairs as skilled riders traversed the wooden walls sometimes even having to contend with live lions in their way.

And to pay homage to the Indian Scout, Indian Motorcycles is releasing a limited edition Wall of Death Scout.

These one of a kind collector’s items have been created by Melbourne based Johnny Gee of Antique Motorcycles and are all custom built.

If you want to take a closer look, a fully customised Wall of Death Scout will be on display at every Indian Motorcycle dealership across Australia.

Indian’s Country Manager Peter Harvey says, “this connection with past will help take Indian Motorcycles into the future with all its guns blazing”.

“Teaming up with Antique Motorcycles to pay homage to the daredevils of the past, along with the resurgence of the Indian flat-trackers, shows the new Indian Scout is already forging a new history for itself.”