April 24, 2024

SMART Rider Courses Power On

SMART Rider 23Apr17
Members of the Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club Gold Coast were some of the 29 SMART Rider participants this weekend.

The SMART Rider courses resumed last weekend with a total of 29 people participating in the program over the 2 days.

The planned road route has had to be changed because of the devastation caused by ex-tropical cyclone Debbie, eliminating the ride up Springbrook from Mudgeeraba and the run over Mt Tamborine.

However, the new road course has actually added a few more challenges and learning opportunities for the riders and allowed the organisers to include some more content.

Feedback from the participants continues to be highly positive, and big improvements in cornering ability and confidence are being cited as the best things people are gaining from their time on the course.

What is the SMART Rider Program?

SMART Rider 22Apr17SMART Rider is a full (1) day course designed to teach road riders essential skills in cornering and managing risks on the road. It will not only help you to identify those risks, but will give you strategies to avoid them and to make better decisions on the road.

Too many riders are being hurt on our roads, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Many more have close calls and some just don’t feel comfortable or confident enough to enjoy their riding experience.

Who should do the SMART Rider Program?

Whether you’ve been riding for a while, you’re just new or coming back to riding after a long break, the SMART Rider Program will help you to be a better rider.

Anyone who rides a motorbike, regardless of their experience level, will benefit from the SMART Rider program:

  • new riders will learn essential skills and knowledge not taught in the licensing process;
  • if you’ve been riding for a while and just don’t feel comfortable or confident on the bike this will help improve your skills and make your riding more enjoyable;
  • for experienced riders it’s a great refresher;
  • if you haven’t been on a bike for a while it’s the perfect way to polish up those old skills; and
  • if you have trouble in corners – too slow, not confident or running wide – you will learn the best way to set your bike up for the corner and what line to take.

When is it on?

  • May: Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th, Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st
  • June: Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th, Saturday 10th

Where can I find out more?

Head to motorcyclelife.com.au/smartrider for more information and to book.